Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to a house, burnt down.

At one point, they called me "downstairs"

Here sat the table with people so cheery
[a kitchen-once-was, now vaguely eerie]

Pretty neat view from the porch

Rust from Flame//Ashes to Dust

This was Brother's room...
but he never cared for it much anyway.

Value is fleeting...
[Catch her before she]


Location: Santiago Canyon, California
Thursday, December 20, 2007


Maxdoggie said...

omigosh! that is so sad. now that u are talking about lost homes, i'm starting 2 think about the people who have lost their homes. i remember when the fires started, i was so scared. i prayed frantically 4 everyone i knew who lived up near the fires. even now, i still shake when thinking about the things that have happened since then. thanks 4 the post. =)

tal said...

I know I've told you before, but those pictures are absolutely wonderful.

Maxdoggie said...

still waiting for the next exciting post! =P

Trevor said...

wow david, you are soooooo coool, i like you.

Anonymous said...

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