Sunday, October 19, 2008

BikeRides in Chi-town

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For Heidi.

Definitely Ill Youngins'

Disastrously Intellectual Youth

Devastatingly Irresistible Yodeling

Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to a house, burnt down.

At one point, they called me "downstairs"

Here sat the table with people so cheery
[a kitchen-once-was, now vaguely eerie]

Pretty neat view from the porch

Rust from Flame//Ashes to Dust

This was Brother's room...
but he never cared for it much anyway.

Value is fleeting...
[Catch her before she]


Location: Santiago Canyon, California
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

a question:

what ever happened to honesty?

come now, world - let me learn from your mistakes.
i just want to develop, and one day have errors of my own.

[in all selflessness - i'd rather not share with yours.]

so please:
teach me,
tell me,
what happened to honesty?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things I love about after-Thanksgiving.

1] Now that its over... i officially have permission to listen to as much X-mas music without being labeled and/or judged.

Let me bless you,

there is this fantastic website.

Its one of those smart radio dealies where you give thumbs up//thumbs down on songs and [through an intricate process involving some form of divination] predicts what songs your subconscious really wants to listen to.

If you type in a Christmas song - you'll get a whole holiday mix.
Ah man, life is good right now.

People I've enjoyed in the last few minutes:

Ella, Frankie, Crosby, Cole, Pres, and then some.

I've also hear about fourteen renditions of winter wonderland,
and still love it.

Oh, the holidays are here alas.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Obsersvation of the Turkey Day.

I have a question for you,
whats the big deal with thanksgiving?

Once a year - you meet up with all your family to make relatively unexciting food in honor of buckle-adorned top hats and squanto's corn growing techniques.

If you know me well enough to have grown a year in my presence, you may be familiar with my day-of-birth wishing ideologies. To me it seems ridiculous to wish someone 'happiness' but once a year. That other person, assuming they are of any consequence at all to you, should have some idea that you hope them the best daily. Same with Thanks-Day. Why would you ever wait once a year to introspect upon your appreciative side? I mean, sure, it does allot some time of intentionality - but regardless... really america?

It saddens me to see people for a once in three-sixty-five time period being gracious... then forget about it and move right on the early bird sale the morning after.

oh turkey-day.

i am thankful for the creative mind behind this tee-shirt.