Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things I love about after-Thanksgiving.

1] Now that its over... i officially have permission to listen to as much X-mas music without being labeled and/or judged.

Let me bless you,

there is this fantastic website.

Its one of those smart radio dealies where you give thumbs up//thumbs down on songs and [through an intricate process involving some form of divination] predicts what songs your subconscious really wants to listen to.

If you type in a Christmas song - you'll get a whole holiday mix.
Ah man, life is good right now.

People I've enjoyed in the last few minutes:

Ella, Frankie, Crosby, Cole, Pres, and then some.

I've also hear about fourteen renditions of winter wonderland,
and still love it.

Oh, the holidays are here alas.


Maxdoggie said...

Unfortunately, i have been guilty of listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. But, luckily that is over. I can also listen freely to Christmas music whenever. I also know a pretty good website for Christmas music. It's called Pandora. I made a station with Christmas music and have listened to it nonstop. =)

tal said...

'tis the season to be jolly : )

sunshine said...

do you want to be my favorite person? i think you do.

megan said...

i like that the title says "things" then you only list one thing. it is, however, my #1 favorite thing, so it makes the blog pretty great.

Maxdoggie said...

still waiting patiently 4 your next post. =)