Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Obsersvation of the Turkey Day.

I have a question for you,
whats the big deal with thanksgiving?

Once a year - you meet up with all your family to make relatively unexciting food in honor of buckle-adorned top hats and squanto's corn growing techniques.

If you know me well enough to have grown a year in my presence, you may be familiar with my day-of-birth wishing ideologies. To me it seems ridiculous to wish someone 'happiness' but once a year. That other person, assuming they are of any consequence at all to you, should have some idea that you hope them the best daily. Same with Thanks-Day. Why would you ever wait once a year to introspect upon your appreciative side? I mean, sure, it does allot some time of intentionality - but regardless... really america?

It saddens me to see people for a once in three-sixty-five time period being gracious... then forget about it and move right on the early bird sale the morning after.

oh turkey-day.

i am thankful for the creative mind behind this tee-shirt.

1 comment:

Maxdoggie said...

t-shirt looks totally awesome! but, i totally understand what u are saying. why be thankful once i year when you can be thankful everyday, but at least there is after-thanksgiving sale and Black Friday. ;)